1. Dear Subra, Just yesterday, incidently open the CNBC Awaj during News Hour (around 9PM), on this very same issue of allowing foreign retail investors, a gentleman (avoiding to use the world – expert) was saying something like – It seems another channel provided to convert Black money of India, stashed abroad, into White one.

    I do not know anything regarding all this foreign retail participation but the point mentioned by the person was an interesting one.

    Your viwews please on this dear Subra.



  2. Its tough having independent thoughts. Its tough because we have to take responsibility for our actions. You cannot take a “Big 4” opinion and CYA. Or claim you went with the best and still it did not work.(usually MNC = Best).When you have been a slave for a 1000 years its difficult to think ‘independently’. And of course ‘gora=superior’.
    One real estate development firm is using an Australian consultant to build faster (at massive costs) whilst locally there is a fly-ash brick technology which provides better solution at a fraction of the cost.
    Management justification – brand value.LoL.

  3. indians obviously DONT want to invest in the stock markets for many reasons a)not much disposable income for the average indian b)doesnt trust the markets (nothing wrong with that)

    if foreigners want to invest why not? does arbitrary political jurisdiction have anything to do with the fundamentals of the companies that they invest in?

    you speak of ICICI being foreign owned.so be it.explain why it is bad for the indian consumer? without ICICI we would not have internet banking and other consumer friendly services.
    FDI etc -all are supposed to be for the benefit of the consumer and not the banking (industry) or sector in which investment is allowed.

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