I move in a completely different social setting….but nowadays I am meeting some people with such ideas too:

1. Best jobs in India are in the Government: Parents (and therefore their children) who believe that the best jobs in India. Funnily this comes from the basic insecurity that private sector hires and fires whimsically.

2. Private sector jobs are insecure: What happens if the company does badly? Will I not get sacked? Fair enough. One does see sacking in the private sector. In the public sector you have companies like Scooters India, Air India, Life Insurance, PSU banks – where you will never be sacked. However the working conditions are such that excelling is almost impossible – look at those bankers who shifted to the private banks over the last 10 years. They have really benefited by the shift, have they not?

3. Government products are the best: They continue to flock to LIC for insurance. None of us have a choice when it comes to Railways…but airlines? How many of us choose Air India/ Indian airlines? Not too many. We look for price, timing, convenience – and land up choosing Spice Jet, Jet Airways, Kingfisher…..do we not?

….will continue…

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  1. So true! At 24, I have been working for 3 years in a private IT company… My father continuously keeps asking me to check out PSU navratna companies like BHEL, ONGC etc…

    Don’t know, they might be good in promotions and salaries than before but I am enjoying here in IT, so why shift? Just for security? I guess I would know if my position is insecure in the company.

  2. the so called “security” comes from robbing productive workers in “risky” private sector.every parent wants his child to have a free lunch.

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