We will now have a smear campaign against Anna and that will not be difficult. Let us see what all the Congress will say about him:

1. Anna eats non veg – this is not Gandhian.

2. Anna does not dare to create a team

3. Anna does not believe in democracy, he is a one man team

4. Anna is very arrogant and tends towards dictatorship (LOL)

5. Anna is corrupt

….none of this needs to be true or false…

he is fighting against corruption. Corruption is the hall mark of P C, Kapil Sibal,….and of course the guru of them all…Sonia Gandhi…

Remember Sonia, when General Motors tried doing a smear campaign against Ralph Nader…it backfired like mad…help!

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  1. kapil sibal talking about where the money came from for this agitation.does he ever think where the money come from to spent in the election for the parties ?////////this type of ministers should be should in the market of slaves.becauses they are the real slave………

  2. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    @ Subra
    Actually, I think that our corrupt politicians LOVE Anna Hazare.
    Because, Anna Hazare does not say that the system is wrong. He is merely saying that the system is manned by corrupt people. So, Anna is an useful distraction from the real issues at hand. It makes people forget that the real problem is that our system MAKES people corrupt. It gives too much power into the hands of bureaucrats and politicians.
    Look at Anna’s statements carefully. Its full of socialist slogans. And, socialism is all about empowering the bureaucrats and politicians to make economic decisions.
    If I were a corrupt politician, do you think that I will be frightened by Anna Hazare? No, Ill use him a useful sideshow to distract attention from my looting.

  3. Already there. Dug up some six year old ‘investigation’ by a Justice Sawant (who incidentally is a dyed-in-the-wool leftist, as most Justices are) which says Anna Hazare used trust money for his own birthday celebrations and hence he is corrupt.
    And those jokers Manish Tiwary and Kapil Sibbal have put an RTI petition asking Anna about his army days.
    Cynical mis-use of state machinery is the not just the absolute prerogative of the Nehru family its also their Brown Man Slavery Day gift to this nation.

  4. If the government wants to do a smear campaign, they can do whatever they want. Sonia ensured that nobody attended Narasimha Rao’s funeral, because he did not lick her boots.

    No clue why but defence Minister, Def secretary, 3 Chiefs – nobody attended FM Sam Manekshaw’s funeral (actually see a congress hand, but not sure what)..

    Sunil Dutt refused to beg for Sanjay’s release (a totally different matter that he should still be in jail, lucky to get out so soon)..and so Sanjay stayed inside..

    So to find something against Anna in 73 years on the planet – from not attaching a TDS certificate to eating non veg finding something against all of us is not impossible…and they will do it.

  5. Is Dr. Khan a doctor of economics? he has a good knowledge ot economic theory, but not the application skills of a working economist. I think I can say that for IndianHayek too…what say Subra?

  6. I agree with Dr.Khan. Corruption arises because of Govt. restrictions which are not dictated by well being of society, but by political compulsions. These restrictions are used by bureaucrats and politicians to enrich themselves, at the cost of general public.

    What Anna is trying to have is ‘draconian’ law. It will only increase corruption in order to feed more mouths.

    I feel corruption will decrease only when Govt. stops playing with the economy.

  7. did you guys miss the meet where prashant bhushan and arundhati roy and all of team anna got together and decided that all of india’s problems like with “neo liberalism’? ie roll back to pre 1991 and we are good to go.i have no time for anna and gang.if only the world ran on ‘good intentions’. and it is true he has strong paternal/dictatorial instincts.he has personally beaten up drunkards to “reform them”. ie violence is good when he deems it ok.

  8. @ Vishwanath..
    No, I’m not a doctor in Economics, but a medical doctor. Economics is my hobby.
    ‘ Application skills of a working economist’ .. I don’t know what it means or implies.

  9. Viswanath -what do you mean by a “working” economist? the one who doesnt understand reality and is obsessed with his make believe “models” and accords importance to keeping his job than telling the truth? the monteks and bernankes of the world?
    who wants these jokers.
    corruption arises when govt(or anyone with monopoly on force/violence) interferes with any economic activity.if that cannot be understood,well,its time for going back to the school of common sense.
    corruption doesnt go away just because honest people like anna have good intentions.my word,only if the world ran on honest good intentions,we would all live in paradise daily

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