I liked what Prashant Jain said in his newsletter and liked it a lot. It is a fantastic sales spiel that all equity salesmen can use.

It also reminds me of what an editor of a leading Indian magazine once told me -‘Subra I have decided to do the story, now do not confuse me with the facts’.

Well sales is all about speaking the truth (as in what the salesman believes is the truth, and what the client will believe is the truth). Of course figures do not lie, but the sales guy can choose to use appropriate figures, or rather ‘suitable’ figures..L O L.

My money and I both respect Mr. Prashant Jain, but then Mr. Deepak Shenoy may not be as famous, but he also does a lot of hard work…and sometimes it requires a kid to say that the emperor is naked, does it not?

Ps: by the way when have you seen a fund manager say ‘market is fully priced, please REDEEM your money and keep it in cash? They claim they will do if for you. I DO NOT BELIEVE you need to move from FULL CASH TO FULL EQUITIES ever. I do sell when I see fully priced scrips, but I do not react on the index.

I have sold some holy cows in the recent rally …and luckily benefited – selling Hindalco in the 220’s had nothing to do with the index. It was more to do with the prices of aluminium!

I do think the market is fairly priced, but it may get fairer before it gets darker!!!

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  1. Subra,
    What happened to your Deccan Gold? Are you still holding? Looks like it is picking up slowly due to govt policies.

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