Well none of us know what next…but let us look at the crystal ball:

– we all knew that there were scams. Some have come out, many have not yet.

– a scam eruption HAS to by definition bring the markets down – as an acknowledgment of the eruption.

– markets could remain low / lower for 5-7 months.

– realty, infra, have been really hammered down, so the rise could be the fastest there.

– interest rates will peak out say at 12% at retail level. At that stage invest in INCOME FUNDS OR GILT funds, hoping to benefit from a falling interest rate.

continue your SIPs

– if you hold pivotals (read Reliance, Hdfc, SBI, L&T…etc.) bought at higher prices, average

if you have bought some duds which are speculative in nature (you know them dont you?)..sell on rallies…

if in doubt put money in an index fund

if u are not insured take term insurance – the cheapest will also pay. However take it only from a company that you TRUST…


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  1. Hi Subra,
    Could you please explain how income and gilt funds work and suggest any good ones.


  2. Hi Subra,

    A short and to the point post.

    Regarding debt/gilt funds, can you mention some resources/posts that teach about them? Any suggestions on good debt funds will also be helpful. Also, if we think that interest rates have started peaking out, can we start investing in income funds right from here and then average if they go up further.


  3. anon: Sorry to say so but did you think Buffet was some saint and berkshire was a temple? No Sir. Not at all.

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