Manish of Jagoinvestor in a conversation with Puneet one of this readers:

Manish: As I told, our intention is to earn money from google ads.  That is how the concept of jagoinvestor came. Yes I do make money from ads , but jagoinvestor never took shape that way , ad money is a by product of blog success. Yes I am monitizeing it and Will keep doing it. Fine, now the site is running well. What do YOU mean by financial planning? Do you think that there is a standard plan which everyone can follow? Are you aware that NO TWO PEOPLE CAN HAVE SAME FINANCIAL PLAN? If they have, the financial planner is a FOOL Financial plan is an attempt to reach financial goals. I agree , for that , each individual must meet a financial planner and get their financial planning done . Blog articles talk on general topic and make them aware of the concept and nothing more , People who are excited enough can try their hands on themselves . Your goal might be be a millionaire and your income is moderate and you are ready to risk your money. So, you go for mutual funds My income is low. I dont want to lose money. I am not bothered if I get great returns or not. I want my capital to be protected and my family to get some benefit if I die. I go for traditional insurance.

My comments: Both of them are arguing about INVESTMENT planning and FINANCIAL planning. If a financial planner is judged by the outcome of the plan that itself an issue. I have clients who refuse to sell their property, I have clients who are invested 97% in equities, and I have people who refuse to buy any equities. Now it is necessary that they understand the risk-reward ratios in their lives. Planners DO NOT OWN the clients, the clients HIRE the planners. The planner makes the plan, quantifies the goals from vague word document to a measured excel sheet and says what is possible and what is not. Beyond that to invest, trade, speculate, gamble is the clients prerogative. More importantly the planner cannot even (should not) comment on whether the clients goals are ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’. A client decides whether to prioritize for his daughter’s wedding or clients ‘honeymoon’ with his girl friend.

‘Ours is not to ask why…but to do and die’

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  1. Manish is making fool to people……his blog says financial planning blog……he is making his own financial planning by Google Ad sense.

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