TV channels join the fight club AZB Partners, representing its client UTV Global Broadcasting, has sent a legal notice to CNBC-TV 18’s Managing Editor Udayan Mukherjee, asking him to apologise unconditionally on air, before 9 am today (8th March, 2010) for allegedly defaming and slandering Bloomberg UTV. Representation pic/Getty Images The notice accuses Udayan of making a false claim that CNBC TV18 has been a leader for 20 years, when the channel itself has been in existence only for ten years.

It has also accused him of debasing Bloomberg UTV by saying “(Bloomberg ko) apni auqaat nahi bhoolna chahiye”.  “This is in reference to statements made by you on March 4, 2010, during the ‘Bazaar’ segment hosted by you and Ms Mitali Mukherji on your channel. Your statements are slanderous and derogatory to the reputation of Bloomberg UTV,” the notice reads. “Please note, however, that an unconditional apology by you cannot by any means absolve you from liability to pay Bloomberg UTV, damages to the tune of Rs 500 crore for the injury that they have already sustained,” it continues.

Udayan Mukherjee said, “I have not received the notice so far. I will have to check with my office.” “It is a well-known fact that besides TAM, there are other companies which track viewership on a daily basis. These remarks were uncalled for,” said M K Anand, CEO, UTV Global Broadcasting that owns Bloomberg-UTV.

TAM Media Research’s CEO, L V Krishnan simply said, “We don’t comment on what TV channels do”. “Both TAM as well as aMAP use electronically metered data. We collect viewership data on a daily basis, whereas TAM does it once a week. Since Udayan is not a subscriber, I don’t know what he has based his comments on,” concluded aMAP CEO Joseph Eappen.

My comments: Talking of ‘aukat’ is amazing for an editor – if Udayan Mukherjee takes on Mr. Screwwala, there is of course nothing to say. Today Ronnie is the uncrowned king of Bollywood – from an economic hold over the industry. Now UM takes on the uncrowned king of Bollywood, UM should really have deeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp pockets!!

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  1. Ha ha Udayan Mukherjee in trouble for something he said. At last! He says enough things like..’if you are looking for 12-15% returns over 10 years in equities it should be easy’. God bless him.

    Did you hear Dhirendra Kumar say “if you invest in an equity fund for at least 7 years you cannot make a loss”. Again a case of using past data to predict future performance?

    And Subra will L&T mutual fund become favorites – surely they will have a marketing budget greater than Chola had? LOL 🙂

  2. This CNBC TV-18 and Bloomberg UTV spat would be interesting to keep track of.

    Do keep us posted as it gets intense and more interesting

  3. Latest from UM…
    Udayan Mukherjee, Managing Editor, CNBCTV18 says, most of the adjustment in terms of the ratio was done yesterday. “From hereon Reliance Power may not move up quite so easily. It’s reached a price of Rs 180 and from here valuations might just be restrictive for Reliance Power.”

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