There is an alphabetic soup in the financial qualifications – and there are many animals out there. Most first time investors (and some veterans too) are legitimately confused about their role so here is a lesson 101:

Financial planner: supposed to know everything about you PERSONALLY so actually called ‘personal financial planner’ who helps you with YOUR GOALS and the steps to achieve them. He tells you your asset allocation – say 70% equity and 30% Debt.

Portfolio Manager: He chooses in which shares and which mutual funds should your money be invested.

Broker: Executes transactions on the basis of the Portfolio Manager’s advise.

Demat provider: Keeps safe custody of shares, bonds, and now even mutual funds

Insurance BROKER: buys you the TERM life policy based on financial stability of the provider and the least cost basis.

Clerk: Enters all this in, or to keep track of all these transactions

CA: Files your tax return on the basis of the details provided by the clerk.

To add to all this you can have another financial planner who will whet the process and tell you things are fine (just joking? think again!)

Banker: Claims he can do all of the above.

Investor: Gets a 24% gross return..pays fees to all the above and then is left with a 7.9% return. May have actually been happier in a PPF 🙂 feels good to be the bestseller of the month at a leading book store in Mumbai

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  1. good one subra sir!
    congrats on hero honda dividends!.. i read somewhere on your blog that you have in your portfolio since 20+yrs..

  2. Hearty congrats on the becoming the best seller. I’ve read the book and it sure deserves to be there. Hope it stays there for long. All the best

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