The Rules of Money are changing. Are you adapting?

This of course could be a fantastic tag line for a financial education business! However I have been convinced about a few things. The old Macaulay system of education in India – and perhaps around the world was created by the ‘Ruler’ who wanted to have a huge supply of clerks and soldiers. It is of course shameful that we have not made any change. However, as Robert Kiyosaki asks – is it accidental or is it deliberately done by the RICH so that the poor do not understand the REAL RULES of money? Welcome to financial literacy.

I wish to do a series of articles / lectures – hate to give it away free, but do not know how to charge!

Let us look at the American ‘s.*.o.^b.s did in 1971. They said we have the right to print as many notes as we want, there is no gold linkage. Simple. If you had done it, you would be in jail. Nixon could do it.

In 2005-8 they gave NINJA loans – No Income No Job jokers could get loans because their home value was going up.

Ben was printing notes and making all Americans millionaires, billionaires and now Trillionaires! In US savers was a word  spelt as -S*U*C*K*E*R*S!

In India too the mushrooming of financial product companies – who surely have an agenda of financial illiteracy – and a combination of people thinking ‘financial literacy is too painful’ is a heady cocktail for a financial tsunami. If you have lived your life ensure that your kids do not get caught in it. If you do not know what is a mutual fund, hedge fund, unit linked insurance plan, e-broking account, F&O, credit card but you have all of them, you are already a tsunami victim.

The victim is not an illiterate, servant in your house. It could be a 54 year old Chartered Accountant working as an Executive Director in a Pharmaceutical company who signed up a form because a beautiful girl from a bank called on him. Cost of financial illiteracy? Only Rs. 20 lakhs. Not bad, if he had attended my lecture on personal finance, he would have paid Rs. 20000. He would have found a cheaper way of buying THE SAME POLICY – and saved Rs. 200,000 in fees. Not a bad ROI?

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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Dear Subra
    If you are planning to give a series of lectures.. Please video tape them and record it on a CD or DVD. Please make sure the sound quality remains good and if you are using visual aids that will be even more helpful. I and many others will be willing to pay hard cash for those DVDs. Please do it. Its one way you get to make some money and we get some real valuable advice.

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