Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. First of all this is not a joke. Read again if you want.

This is perhaps the first time in history that the most bankrupt nation is also the strongest from a military point of view. What they can do with their military power is unimaginable. Obama who goes around the world preaching about ‘world peace’ now gets The award too!

It reminds me of a meeting Al Gore (Ex Vice President USA)  had with the late Narasimha Rao (late prime minister of India). When Al Gore was advising Mr. Rao about disarmament, Mr. Rao told him a story about Mahatma Gandhi. One man had come with his son to meet Mahatma Gandhi. He wanted Mr. Gandhi to advise his son not to eat sweets. Mr. Gandhi asked the man to come after a month. When he came back after a month, Mr. Gandhi told the son ‘Do not over eat sweets, it is not a nice thing to do’.

The man was perplexed he asked “Why did you not say the same thing earlier?”. Mahatma said “I had to try it before I gave this advise to others”.  Now the most bankrupt nation which cannot find money for its medicals but sitting on a pile of Nukes is worried about the others not reducing their nuclear weapons. What a joke, or is it PR carried too far?

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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    The Nobel peace prize is a farce. Like the Miss World or Miss Universe awards..They gave it to Al Gore the Hypocrite, now Obama the POTENTIAL peace maker, but did not give it to Mahatma Gandhi who worked more for peace than any human being, due to pressure form the British Empire.. So much for impartiality and not succumbing to political pressure…Saving grace was that they did not give it Hit

  2. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    saving grace was that they did not give it to Hitler and Stalin for the Nazi -Soviet non aggression treaty signed in 1939

  3. They missed Hitler did they not? They do not want to be acused of missing Obama! Or is it that Obama did not invade anybody (India – to control the supply of techies). Also with the prize he may have to behave much better. What a joke. Mother Theresa should return her prize phaps! Was it given because of his ‘good intentions’ speech? Surely Nobel has become a joke

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