i have said this, and so has the industry….

timing the market sounds sexy but it is not possible to achieve…

now here is some American RECENT evidence…read on


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  1. shinu there are only 2 types of investors in Japan. One who KNEW that markets can NEVER go down. The next set who KNOW that markets can never go up. Then there are the Russians and Argentians who know that markets can shut down PERMANENTLY and never ever re-open again for 80-90 years.

    It is only the Americans, French, English and Indians who believe that SIP works.

    Most importantly if you want to make money in the markets, GO AND VOTE FOR A DEMOCRATIC govt.

  2. so far, working for me. Subra, how much should we allocate to equity out of 100 for 30-40 yrs age group?
    Also, whats your view on the research of one of the brokerage that – BRIC will be on history channel soon?


  3. Subra-ji

    From 2008 I am putting in amount in SIP in HDFC top 200/Birla Sun Life Div yield/ICICI Jr Nifty/ICICI Discovery/SBi Emerging mkts/HDFC Prudence etc etc and my return is a mere 4.5% (not counting the dividends)

  4. all return calculations are done on growth options…or dividend re-investment plans, that will improve returns by a little…check it out…

  5. Subra sir

    i dont know indian democracy is better or any of the above is, but i am happy that my retirement corpus is growing fast and furious each and every month when the sensex is between 16000 – 20000…. let it remain there for a couple of years more and i for sure not be complaining.

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