My orientation  is to try to write LARGELY on wealth. I suddenly realized that to get wealthy you need seed capital (!!). For the real young ones who have JUST started earning (aged 22-25) they need to know about:

funding buying an asset, credit cards, credit score, some career moves, educational loans, ….the real basics.

the slightly older guys need to know about

investing, retirement, documentation of assets, marriage and money, why they are young, earning well but have no cash, …

Frankly I could not think of anything more. This itself will run to about 300 pages. There will be no calculators, no how to pick stocks, …for calculators I will just have a pointer towards Pattabhiraman’s site – simpler than doing a cut paste of the same. I need to remember that he is a physics prof and not a maths prof. However pure maths as a subject is being neglected even in schools – and that is sad.

Anything OBVIOUS which I have missed?

From the suggestions I am quite tempted to write a book on stock picking, but I am so damn choosy that the book will be useful. For e.g. when I call a co. a blue chip, it has to have a 10 year track record with at least 20 quarters of rising income. It has to have a CLEAR dividend distribution policy,…that brings you to about 40-100 companies. Period. Prefer to write about all this in my blog….rather than a book…

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  1. Sir, Any wealth creation discussion ends at picking up right stocks (I believe in equity). Sir, if you missed that one in the book, I think it is half cooked item. Please do not tell, picking the right stocks is personal call. Every one will not have that talent or time. Atleast give some tips on identifying the good stocks in your book.

    Thank You Sir
    Siva Prasad Ravirala

  2. Hi Subra,
    You can also mention about the IMPORTANCE of health and how it prevents and enhances wealth creation. Like medical inflation, healthy habits/life style, etc .,

    Borrowing money rules. Now every one borrows money for various reasons like buying house,car,white goods EMI,personal loan,credit card loan,gold loan,etc. What are the good ways to borrow money and to handle it.


  3. Dear Subra Sir,
    Please include a chapter on the process of stock picking. I know that you always tell it is a long process and individualistic etc, but we want to learn from you the approach you take when choosing a steps. for e.g what parameters to look for etc.
    Naveen Thota

  4. Hi subra sir,
    We,young have to learn too many things from you. Pointing to Pattu sir’s blog in your article is a like bringing people together. He too mentions you in his articles.

    A respectful bow down to both of you.

  5. Subra Sir,

    Where can we get “RETIRE RICH INVEST RS 40 A DAY” English Version ?Online Shops like,, etc., says the book is out of print.

    When can we get the book ? Please reply.

  6. Santhanam

    it is true that the book is currently out of fashion…my publisher tells me that it will be printed and put on the shelves in March…i can hope it happens by May.

  7. Agree with you about avoiding stock picking. This is a specialized topic. Young earners need to get other things in order as you have mentioned. If the books inspires financial disciple then other things will fall in place.

    Perhaps you could have a general chapter on attaining financial goals where you could talk about short and long term goals in general and the factors that influence them. When compounding is important and when it is not. Hopefully they will understand that like every measure in life, investment returns too require the appropriate yardstick.

  8. I feel that the book can also mention about how important personal and term insurances are and reasons to start it early other than concentrating on savings and investments

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