Here are some axioms, sayings, postulates, ….which people use (well almost indiscriminately) ..let us see if we really do understand what it means?

1. Mutual funds are professionally managed.

2. This company is professionally managed.

3. You cannot look into the rear-view mirror and drive.

4. To spread the risk, it makes sense to diversify (John Templeton)

5. Diversification is only for those who do not know what they are doing.

6. Equity is more risky compared to the debt assets in which we can invest.

………………..more to come……………………

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  1. 1. The current market is Volatile.
    2. The safe heavens such as Gold are best bet now. (like I cash in everyday and wait for next days best bet to invest :))
    3. You should diversify your mutual funds (gem of them)

  2. Had a real funny conversation with some Ms.A from a famous xyz life insurance which also sells ULIPs. I bought one in 2010 and stopped paying premiums after 3 monthly premiums of 3.6k each. So she called me to ask why did I stop paying premium. I said, it doesn’t make financial sense and she is like, ‘huh?’ and I ‘blah blah blah…’ etc etc.. Bored to type here, rest u can guess…These employees themselves don’t understand what they speak…

  3. a few here –
    1. “As we risk ourselves , we grow.”
    2. “Taking calculated risk is quite different form being rash.”


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