“Americans love free trade”

this is the image they try to keep creating. When it comes to India, China, etc. the Americans want full and unconditional access to their markets. So American Insurance providers, banks, retail…all of them want to come to sell.

However when it comes to their own markets they protect it with unbelievable tariffs, then the usual visa restrictions, and subsidies. Their farmers, and other politically strong groups can pass any legislation so that the foreign manufacturer is blocked from entering the country.

Look what The Economist says US is doing to hurt ITSELF…and the WORLD..



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  1. First Impression is the last impression. It is from the beginning, we have shown we are good at working. Rich Rule the world. Power is all that you should have. America has it, we are trying to have it.

  2. Who said world is fair. They are working for their national interests, it is their duty and that is what they *should* do. It is we who are not doing our duty.

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