A couple of days ago I did a post about ‘skewed rental market’….

and there were many comments. The one I liked best was by a guy named Sanjay Sood.

He said “Mr Subra is just misguiding whole generation. No one can gurantee return in any market, may be equity or real estate, Our market are immature, look at USA, people have their 401K vanishing when market falls.
SO dont listem to Subramoney or anyone else, decide for yourself.

I am impressed if Mr. Sood feels that I can “misguide a whole generation”….and here I am wondering who to make my mother, sister, wife and daughter  to listen to me….ONCE in a while….and failing miserably…..

i do not wish to guide or misguide a whole generation…..it is too much of hardwork 🙂



Sanjay Sood

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  1. subra mine and fellow generations dont have role models or references or guides to look up to..

    plz continue mis guiding us 🙂

  2. Subra ….YOu NEVER MISGUIDED US .For one Sanjay Sood …you should not feel that all readers feel that you are misguiding generation …RUBBISH ! There are thousands like me who will be greatful for you for life time for educating us on real things which makes economic sense ……He said ,in delhi even ordinary trader earns rs 60000 per month and we should be exposed to little high strata of society .Should we feel bad and hurt for this unknown Sanjays comment or leave it .Every wide ball ,if we touch ,Team will be out soon ……and if Batsman Leave wide balls ,he will get a run and additional ball to play.SO SUBRA PLEASE DONT GET HURT .In Our Blog ,we write Mythological stories some time …and What Lord RAMA did when they came back to Ayodhya after 14 years of “VANVAS” ? He Listened to 1 charactor who spoke ill and doubted Mother SITA and ASK HER TO PROVE HER PURENESS ! Lets learn from this story and not stop what is helping thousands of ordinary ,middleclass people of this country ,which includes Young,Old ,Widows ,Daughters without any proper guidance and Income much below Rs 60000 pm .What is their mistake subra ? Readers if you feel the same ,write back to subra , how its helping you to read subramoney on variety of topics ,Including Buying vs Renting !By this way we may feel to close our BLOG ! ….Final decision is only and only Subras but am sure Readers will like to request Subra ,not to get affected by such occasional Wide balls and Leave it ……OVER TO FELLOW RESPECTED READERS AND SUBRA SIR !

  3. If I may beg your pardon sir, one has witnessed index of 3000 also, and my l’orealed hair is not because of sunshine.

    The late parent had a lovely quote– let the barking dogs bark.

    It may interest you to know subrabhai sir, he covered a large part of living expenses from dividend income. Some of my earliest memories of visiting a bank were to deposit div warrants.

    Let the Soods do what they want, and soak in their inflation-adjusted FD returns.

  4. Sanjay Sood is 100% right how can you misguide a whole generation

    My father never needed to invest in stock market and he never suffered anything after retirement. Why should i invest in stock market 😛

    I am waiting to see comments like above…it makes the blog more interesting 🙂

  5. I agree with Subra.Property prices are out of reach for even upper middle class young couples in metros.I know of to cases where couples can buy a 2/3 bedroom flat in metro easily.one, both husband and wife are in well paid job like IT/KPOs or banks etc or the couple is abroad and sending dollars to buy house.
    Indian property market is a storehouse of black money generated by netas and business houses,so the prices may not fall easily but the irony is it is not affordable by avast section of the society.
    As far as guiding/miguiding is concerend,well no one can guide anyone.we tend to hear what we want to hear.Grow up Mr Sanjay Sood !!

  6. My father invested in both stock market & real estate. There is something called hedging. And he was not some super rich person, a small time govt. servant with no under the table.

    He made his real estate fortunes buying & re-selling small shops alloted by DDA.

    I am myself no real estate expert, I don’t have even 1% of passion & energy he had to do these transactions. But what I am saying is buy your house, house to live in , if you can afford it.
    If you can’t do it, accept that. Don’t talk about equity better than real estate or anything. Accept that you need to save for downpayment, rather than real estate prices are/will be falling down.

  7. Subra Please dont post my last comment, On second thoughts, I would like to stop this argument.

  8. Subra, I do not know if you are the one writing the blog or outsourced the job but the quality of posts have gone down a lot in last few month and no I am not saying or believe “misguiding”. The recent posts often look like general rambling than of thought provoking, which though is perfectly OK if you want to do the former – after all its your blog .

    An honest assessment – feel free to moderate .

  9. I second what Foo says…More than the content it is the overall message that you are trying to convey which has degraded…NOM

  10. and pray Dinesh:

    – What message was I trying to convey ? (earlier) and

    – What has happened now?

    Somewhat reminds me of Gopalakrishnan’s book…

  11. It is very surprising to see some people react so much whenever their renting concept is challenged. Perhaps deep inside they are also confused by their decision especially when property price/rent shooting up year after year. It is human nature to react vigorously when you need to defend something that has bitten you for sometime.

    Nevertheless, it is absolutely fine if something has worked for you and you believe in it. But it simply does not mean that’s the best solution for everybody. It would depend on verities of parameters like you age, profession, city/country you live in, your dreams etc.

    As long as you can have a good night sleep and you feel at home whenever you enter the place (rental/ owned), you know you have made the right choice …

    PS: I stay at my own individual house (not flat) and so do most of my friends. Again it worked for us and I don’t believe it would work for everybody.

  12. For me subra’s blog is like a trigger to learn financial planning. I don’t think that any blog can misguide a grown adult.

  13. It is very surprising to see some people react so much whenever their *Housing* concept is challenged. (Rest cut n paste from above)

  14. We have to accept that most of the readers came here because of some killer blog entries. Lets not talk about quality here as Author is not a QA person and let him own his blog. Remember our replies are displayed here on his mercy.

  15. Hi,

    – Subra has the freedom to write
    – Every reader has the right to read/ not read his blog
    – even after reading one has the freedom to get the message/ understand what the author is trying to convey. It is like no one can teach you, but only you. (Eg: Teacher can give lecture, only the student decides what to learn…. riht???)
    – No one pushed any reader… (saying only this is right)
    – Right and wrong can be diff based on from where you look at it (A half filled glass in 1/2 empty or 1/2 full)

    so please dont read this blog/any blog if you feel it is mis-directing.. simple nah!!!!

  16. But for reading your blog,i would not have taken a term plan or done an SIP.You are definitely guiding many people like me.The most interesting part of your blog is that you make your readers think and that’s what sets you apart from other personal finance bloggers i feel.

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