Men are men – you see the Seagram ad, do you not?

I have seen just too many men living beyond their means. This they do by lying to their wives – and living it up. This becomes even easier when the husband is in business. The wife only understands cash flow – so as long as he is bringing money home, she has no clue how the business is doing. Some such men do not earn well in business, so they keep borrowing money and live it up.

All this stops very cruelly.

His illness or death forces the wife to look at the business, and some things come up. Or in other cases he avoids calls – and the wife and kids have to lie on the phone.

Another sad way of it coming up is the bank sending people to attach the house which has been mortgaged…


a) conquest / affairs they have or have had?

b) mileage that their car gives?

c) returns they get on their investments?

d) how much money they make?

Seriously I have no answers, but rest assured the wife can do something about it FOR SURE…


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  1. Fairly obvious that everybody does NOT do this. Do you ever see me cribbing about my car mileage? or saying I proud? Never. I do not even know what mileage I get !!

  2. lol, lying about mileage. you are very true. lot of men lie about things you have pointed out. does it have to be a lie always, is something that needs to be looked case by case. I have seen few guys lie about their salary so their wife don’t spend up on shopping. its not always a guy’s fault subraji.

  3. And then there are a class of ppl who lie about almost everything. hopefully only to other men!! (at least that’s the part we see)

    They lie about their salary,take home, cost of the paint, cost of the car, cost of any service they availed, investment returns, bank loan rate anything and everything under the sun…

    On which side ? depends on the topic and situation. typically they avail all service at cheaper than market rates, get highest returns on investment, get cheapest loans, buy the costliest chaddi, spectacles, take the highest take home compared to ctc…etc etc… the list is really long…and of course highest mileage too

    Secretly other men in our group call them Hawa or hawa ka jhonka!!

  4. @Ashok: People are generally honest about their vehicle mileage to unknown people (forums etc.). LOL.

  5. Absolutely true. Particularly in cases of self-employed/business people. Many of the small time businesses are like ponzi schemes, though some success stories also come out of that.

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