here is what I said on Cnbc TV…about investing in Mutual Funds….

there were 3 people asking questions…and clearly they were investing nice amounts for long periods of time. I think all 3 did not understand the POWER of compounding.

the first caller was investing Rs. 15000 pm for a period of 20 years..and wanted to know whether it would become Rs. 50L.

If you invest Rs. 36L over 20 years, surely it will become Rs. 50L….even if it is in the SB a/c!!

the power of SMALL numbers over VERY LONG periods of time (why I called my book Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day)…

here is the link…

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  1. Interesting observations. Nobody can deny the magic of compounding. Even Einstein said that it was the 8th wonder of world!
    And you need not be perfect timer to make money in markets. Just being disciplined over long term is enough (See our analysis

  2. Many investors do not know one more thing – Inflation. This particular caller probably was looking at buying a house which is worth about 50 lakh today. But will it remain at 50 lakh? He should have been told that he may need may be 1.5 crore after 20 years. Anyway in the short time you have with the caller, you cannot check everything and verify these things.

  3. Most callers who called were fooled on mixing insurance & investments. Their expectations on investments had become so low that 4%-5% looked descent. 🙂 Subra sir had all happy problems to solve for all callers.

  4. Kind of shocked after seeing the questions that you are answering on the video @above link! IMHO an expert like you invited to answer these kinds of questions (well, the questions also look gotups), that too to during saans bahu serial repeat telecast time, is a waste of expertise. Would love to see you handling more serious topics/question during prime time.

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am a mutual funds beginner and I would like to invest 2 lakhs per year. I can hold them for 10-15 years. Request you to suggest 6-7 funds.

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