I remember a few incidents very clearly. A friend was admitted in hospital for a heart ailment – and he was young at 32 years of age. The doc saw the patient and said ‘Oh it is a weight problem’ …then he saw the parents of the friend and said ‘Oh weight is a family problem’. This incident happened MORE than 19 years ago, but I remember it as clearly as if it happened yesterday.

The tragedy is now the kids in the family look exactly like the earlier generation did. In fact, worse.

Tell a woman that it is you cooking that killed your husband and she will be ready to kill you! Most fat people say they are fat because:

– it is hereditary, my parents were also fat and I have got the fat genes from my parents, sorry cannot help.

– oh it is a thyroid problem, I cannot help it.

– I was not like this. However I took some medicines for my illness (steroids) and thus put on weight

-I do not really eat much you know..but even water gets converted to fat in my body!

When we say hereditary – it is not wholly wrong. Imagine a guy who was 35 when he died. In all likely hood he (like his father) have been eating the same food for a major part of his life. His son/daughter at 35 is just as prone to the same heart condition because of his..GENES (perhaps) and his DIET (surely). The son/d should at least make healthier choices, choose to exercise, ….etc.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi, ‘you should be ashamed to say you are not well’. Look hard and see what have you done to your body to make it unwell!

We choose to be healthy or other wise.

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  1. nice one and i am following you since some time, all the articles are very informative and some of them are real eye openers, thank you so much

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