I know one lady whose husband is a graduate working in the Gulf. Typically like every Gulf employee he too is paid better than say an India job, but you really cannot get RICH on a job as a clerk.

So her get rich quick schemes have included collecting money for shady chit funds, shady companies, etc. Obviously she was a Talk Asia agent also.

Her ambition did not stop at these get rich quick schemes. She has pushed her daughter into the CA course. The poor kid did not enroll for Bcom – hoping to finish her CA. Sadly 4 years into the course she has not cleared the stage 1 – she is academically just inadequate to do CA.

I know her just casually – having spoken to her about the CA degree for her daughter, but she has not asked me for money for any of her schemes. Her ‘clients’ include a few General Managers, managers, clerks, government servants, teachers, NEWSPAPER VENDOR, MILK VENDOR, CABLE TV VENDOR,….and the amounts have varied from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 200,000.

When the newspaper vendor told me (God knows why he choose me)..I asked him ‘What does she say?’ – He said ‘You gave the money to THAT company, ASK THEM…’ or ‘Did you give the cheque in my name or the name of THAT COMPANY…’ LOL.

She is a very shrewd, but dumb woman – last I heard one broking firm had enrolled her for ‘training’ in equity, commodities and forex markets….and she is in the process of becoming their sub-broker…

Do I need to add she is an insurance agent also?

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  1. As the saying goes: “…there’s one born every minute” !
    And there are people like this lady who take advantage of that fact.

    At least she had the ‘sense’ to NOT approach you… LOL…

  2. Want to quote a DIALOGUE from the movie, EK KHILADI – EK HASINA (Starring Fardeen Khan)

  3. she is ABSOLUTELY dumb AND a cheat. she has s…..d up her daughter. Daughter has no social skills, has put on a lot of weight..and is complexed bcoz she hs not been to a college…Need more proof?

    She has chosen companies which will SURELy cheat her off her commission…

    OMG she is dumb for sure..

  4. Subra,

    Talk v/s speak 🙂

    Sad there exist more people who don’t understand that making quick buck is really difficult….

    I have seen so many retiree to invest there money in so called Talk Asia and got robbed off…they had nobody to blem except themselves..


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