The US is not a socialist country. It is in fact a capitalist democracy. So the people can choose what they eat, what their children eat, how much to save….correct? Well, that is what I have been told to believe by some authors of Economic Thought.

However in real life capitalism is about lobbying. For e.g. people have the right to buy any ULIP as long as it is not illegal. If it makes money only for the manufacturer – well the investor is educated, is he not? Anyway it is in the interest of the ULIP manufacturer not to kill the client, so that he can keep buying. Therefore by sheer good economic sense, the ULIP manufacturer will not LOOT the client too much.

Now cut to food.

What is good food? Simple home made food. Doodhi, Kadhu, wheat ground at home, unpolished or wild rice, salads, organically grown vegetables, water, – but who will lobby for this? No one. What about parents? No clue, but they will not.

So what is good food? Pizza, Fries (do you know potatoes are good for health, so obviously fries should be good), Tomatoes are good for health (so ketchup must be good), wheat is good for you (so Pizza must be good for you..). This is what the food industry is telling the Congress. Of course Congress is believing it.

Where are all the good, moral, ethical, honest capitalistic food manufacturers in the USA – is it not in their interest that the people should live for another few ’00 years?

Well I cannot find them…experts tracking them please help!!

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  1. Dear Subra, I was bit confused with your comments on ULIP. Considering the long term view and considering ones financial goals, ULIP may still be an option worth considering (for e.g. Someone might have opted for an ULIP child plan for 15 years) They might have done it to secure their child’s education. This could be in addition to other mutual fund, term insurance and other options they are already investing it). In this case I don’t see why one should shy away from ULIP as long as it meets their financial goals (secure investment for children).

    I have seen most of people bashing ULIP policies but not giving right justification for it. Any light from your side would help.

    p.s: I am referring to recent ULIP policies wherein the charges are comparatively low and also have an additional contribution on investment from ULIP company with guaranteed investment in case of eventualities.

  2. maybe the good moral ethical people dont gang up .that could be the reason we cant trace them. this thought is less scary than thinking they dont exist.

  3. capitalism is about lobbying? eh?.that is fascism.
    corporations+govt = fascism as mussolini told us.

    big businesses dont like free markets.

    it is those same people who want regulators and govt to “protect” them from big businesses who are blind to the fact that big businesses WILL own and influence govt and regulators.

    so the only solution remains in the govt and regulator NOT having any power to dole out power,no need to lobby.
    the USSA has been moving towards fascism(so called republicans) and socialism(the so called progressive democrats) since 1913.the establishment of the fed and the institutuion of the fed reserve were the final nails in the coffin of free markets
    the golden period in the US was mostly from 1870-1913

  4. Guru,

    Ulip is a good product and I must be the only blog who has said nice things too. However when I bought it Hdfc had a nice product (no top up limit) and amc charges were 0.8%!

    Such products NO LONGER EXIST…also too many hidden costs, rising age premiums – it is too complicated to understand. If you cannot REVERSE ENGINEER the terms, do not buy.

  5. Lobbying is a protected activity under the U.S. Constitution that guarantees rights to free speech, assembly, and petition to government. Lobbying is a regulated industry.

    Lobbyists are typically very knowledgeable about the legislative process and know who the decision makers are relative to congressional staff and Members of Congress. Lobbyists assist in the preparation and presentation of information, arrange testimony for congressional hearings, and arrange and attend face-to-face meetings with congressional staff and/or Members of Congress or agency officials. The goal is a positive impact on decision makers so as to affect the process in Washington, D.C..

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