C: Subra I just have an exciting plan from BDE life insurance company….!

Subra: Say you do not need it.

C: How can you be so rude, you have not even heard about the product..

Subra: Say you do not need it.

C: arre baba, sun na..product ke bare me…(I guess he concluded I could not understand English)

Subra: Ok sir, tell me….

C: Here isΒ  plan which i make a down one time payment…it becomes Rs. 1 crore after 20 years…

Subra: Crap.

C: arre he is giving me a print out on his companies letter head…

Subra: Crap.

C: do not be so arrogant…this company has an IRDA license and the product is approved by IRDA.

Subra: Look when you tell me which car to buy, do I ask you a 100 questions?

C: No.

Subra: Why

C: Because I am in that field for 14 years.

Subra: When I say crap, do I need to remind you I have been in this field for 26 years?

C: sorry Subra…but what do I tell my agent?

Subra: Read www.subramoney.com. L O L

C: ok chief you tell me what to do with my money and I will tell you what to do with your car….fair deal?

Subra: looks fine…have fun…

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  1. Sometime back a well meaning friend of mine suggested me a scheme(!!), where one of his acquaintance can give returns of 36% per year.

    Me – Thanks, but am not interested.

    Friend – But listen, so many people i know have already benefited from this.

    Me – That’s good for them. But am not interested.

    Friend – I thought you were very financially savvy. But then, why are you not interested in such high returns ?

    Me – Such high returns from private parties actually scare me. I chuckled and said under my breath, also i read each post of subramnoney πŸ™‚

    Thanks Subra for such posts. It has actually sanitized my financial life to an great extent.


  2. Even though am expert in my field and familiar with old wine in new bottle stuff, I still hear what others has to say to pick up what is good and bad. Concluding every thing is trash is like untolerable arrogance to me. I think no harm in lending our ear to new incumbents and it would give great feeling for them. After all, once up on a time, we were too started as beginners.

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