Sir I have read your blog…I like it.

Me: Thank you

He: Sir, are you a Chartered Accountant?

Me: Yes sir..

He: Will you file my Income tax Return?

Me: No sir, i do not do that work…

He: What work do you do?

Me: Regarding investments..

He: Arre, will you manage my portfolio…I bought some shares of …

Me: No, no I am not a portfolio manager

He: Will you advise me on how to manage my financial life?

Me: I can, but not sure whether you will listen to me. NOrmally I deal only on the investing side. I really do not understand Real Estate, Gold, etc. Nor do I understand market timing. I do not understand rating of mutual funds.

Worse. I do not know anybody who does, and is willing to work for me.

He: All this is very confusing, will you be my financial planner?

Me: I would have been. However, Debashis Basu of Moneylife and one more person who gave up his CFP education say you do not need a financial planner. So I am confused about what you want from me too!

He: Sir ‘What can you do for me?’ I want to be engaged with you for my investment, tax, …etc.

Me: Come and meet me. I will charge you a per hour fee. Make your investment through my code. This year it will be 5 hrs. Next year 2 hrs…in 2016 YOU SHOULD NOT NEED ME..there will be nothing that I will have to tell you..In fact if you are very smart, you do not need me now itself!!!

He: Thank you, Sir, what is this post called?

Financial Coach. India’s first financial coach, perhaps? L O L

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  1. THE problem Sujatha is in the ‘personal financial coaching class’ there is a huge shortage of students and coaches. Saying this from experience. If I meet a bunch of doctors…and ask ‘Do you think F P is important?” 10/10 hands will go up.

    When I announce a workshop (free)..or paid – people just do not turn up..L O L.

    Maybe they are vegetarians, so not interested in fishing? L O L

  2. You cannot take the credit of being first financial coach! We are already using such terms and would be inventing new ones in the time to come.

    Everyone in this world has a right to exist irrespective of the utility value! Why Mr.Basu and you want to single us out of existence?!

    The only other option for us being gainfully employed is either you should start a training academy and give us employment or Mr.Basu should absorb us in Moneylife.

    I think both of you would be far better off without taking us into your fold and allow us to survive in the present form!

  3. “When I announce a workshop (free)..or paid – people just do not turn up..” Well, certain experiences seem to be universal!

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