Quite amused about the number of readers who said that the customer is well educated, can make well informed choices…Also many distributors believe that the customer believes them….I know of  many cases where they listened to their brokers…and really went broke 🙂

Here read about the great food fraud..


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  1. Well. It would be a “fraud” only if McDonalds lured people into their stores advertising their oatmeal as a cure for diabetes. It’s not fraud.

    May be McDonald’s customers’ value their “time at the present” more than their “health”. May be most of them “exercise” more than you&me to compensate for their “bad choices” in food. There is no way to know with any certainty. Unless you have a device that can look deeply into one’s mind, you can’t really dismiss any of people’s choices as irrational. They may be making “bad choices” in relative to you&me but not “irrational”.

  2. This may be conspiratorial but anyways – The author of the blog “Mark Bittman” may have more than vested interest in seeing more people avoid “fast food” and cook at home. If more people started cooking at home, there would be increased demand for cookery blogs, cookery books, cookery shows. Mark Bittman stands to benefit as he does all three. Hm. That makes me wonder if Mark really has the “well-being” of his readers in mind or he simply knows he can benefit by scaring (or luring) people into cooking at home & increasing the demand for his services.

  3. or maybe he is just putting his money where his mouuth is re. bittman. it is ok to try and influence people about the ‘perils’ of fast food ,even if it ends up enriching oneself as a result.
    atleast,unlike al gore,he is not asking public money to be diverted into his favorite companies (green) where he is also chief investor.

  4. Dear Subra,

    I am your recent follower. Have got a grest respect and regard. My friend who has been in the market for a long time suggests the following. As interest rates go up people tend to put their savings in Bank deposits. As a rule stock market do not do well at this juncture. Hence it is wise to put your money in stock market instead of FD to make high returns. I am afraid. Can I have your suggestion


  5. My theory — we all are under ‘pressure to perform’. So if i am writing a blog on food (or any topic), it is auto mode that i choose topics that support my theme/beliefs/identity! Truth is even if i m not writing the blog, my mind still works the same way!!

    Similarly, when we write comments in blogs – there is pressure to give the best comment – ‘deep sighted’ ‘serious’ ‘funny’ and so on!

    AVR – you have got good friends! (including this blog). So dont miss the chance to go thru the treasure trove of info in the archives, you will get answer to this and many other questions which have not yet come up in your mind!

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