The problem with personal finance is there is nothing new happening that is worth writing about! If I do not write about an IPO, a NFO, some new insurance plan launched,…or ‘tips’ on what to buy TODAY!  ,….or these kind of articles, really there is nothing to write.

Also I am an old fashioned guy – and do not like debt. I do not ‘consult’ or advice on debt consolidation, and stuff of that kind. This leaves me with only wealth topics – earning money, saving, protecting, investing and of course charity.

On all this I have written all that I know…and more than what I know – taken/ adapted/ from other authors/ writers/ blogs…..would like suggestions and questions.

Answering questions is easy….and can become a blog post.

One important change in the editorial policy – some comments are bad – poor English, poor construction, completely or partially irrelevant, or meant to take on another commentator…have decided to just thrash them. Many people complained in private that a few comments were this step. Not sure as to how objective I can be..but frankly do not think I have deleted more than 30 comments so far.

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  1. Now a day everybody is preaching the virtues of SIP. I have often wondered how SIPs in MFs have performed pre-2000. Do SIP returns look good only after market boom in 2000?

  2. “One important change in the editorial policy – some comments are bad – poor English, poor construction, completely or partially irrelevant, or meant to take on another commentator”.
    Dear subra,
    your view of poor english and poor construction is completely unjustified.
    if i write in english, i will be happy, if i can convey what i want to-damn with your poor english and poor construction policy.
    By saying “poor english” and “poor construction”, u mean your english is very good?-may be or may be not, it depends who is reading u, a naive like me will decorate u with laurels and an englishmen reading u will certainly laugh at your english.
    Have u heard Mukesh Ambani speaking english, what about rakesh jhunjhunwala.
    Good english and good construction is a prerequisite for writers, orators and trainers,not for people like me… who are self employed…who does’nt write to impress the audience..LOL

  3. I would request you to write something (with relevant data) on the online investing trends in MF’s. Also some emphasis on – Would giving a seperate online platform to IFA’s help them & their clients. AMFI had considered this a couple of years ago but subsequently trashed it.

  4. How about writing on the following

    1. Macro economic factors and their impact on various asset classes.
    2. Sectors moving in tandem, their respective cycles and sectoral rotation ( heard a lot about it but not sure how MFs do it)
    3. Real Estate ( i liked ur astute views about it a lot)
    4. How to handle potential geo-strategic catastrophic events.
    5. Your views on volatility in the market and likelihood of 2008 repeat.
    6. Global debt crisis, deficit spending by Governments and austerity drives, the reaction to them along with the flow of cheap money into Indian markets and their impact.
    7. How do operators operate?
    8. How to market makers operate.

    Hope i havnt asked for too much but would love to see you speaking on it.



  5. 100% agree with views of reader “M S PANJWANI”
    he has valid point here about your policy on deleting the comments of readers with “poor english”

  6. Since I’m writing my own blog, I understand Subra’s pain. When you ‘publish’ something on the internet, whether it’s a blog, a site or a comment -> it should be easy to read.

    We are not here to impress people but communicate with others, in simple and understandable language.

    No offence, but I found Panjwani Ji’s comment hard to read, because of lack of ‘capital letters’.

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