Are you in Denial mode regarding your retirement financial needs?

I cannot comment for every one, but too many people I meet are in denial about their financial needs for retirement. Most of us do not want to accept that we will buy 3-4 washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, maybe about 2-5 cars, at least one or two houses during our retired life! Imagine you retire at 49 and live till 87. Ask yourself have you ever lived 40 years in one house? have you used one car for 40 years? Ditto for all white goods…so you know what I mean.

And all this buying will happen with our own money – i.e. by selling our mutual funds, unit linked plans, shares, etc. and from our pensions!

Strong financial planning is the key to a comfortable retirement

If you’re planning to spend your retirement in comfort, you’ll need to rely on some pretty strong financial planning. You’ll want to take into account your current financial position and your anticipated retirement income, preparing for contingencies and unexpected expenses along the way. Then you’ll need to develop a strategy for setting aside money on a regular basis to fund your retirement financial planning and choose wise investments so your money will build as much as you need. It’s kind of a daunting task, and it’s no wonder that so many people planning their retirement are worried about the quality of financial planning available in the country.

Benefits of the top financial products for retirement planning – Critical need for Long Term Care Insurance.

There is a critical financial aspect of retirement planning today. If you lose the capacity to take care of yourself and require either in-home assistance or be transferred to a nursing home, all the financial resources you set aside when planning your retirement may be spent in just a few years on the cost of health care. Long term care insurance will cover the cost of your medical needs without jeopardizing the wealth you’ve accumulated for retirement or want to pass on to your heirs. Unfortunately no such insurance is available in India as of now.

From whatever discussion that I have had with a few insurance companies, there is no such plan in offing in the near future also. Choosing the right type of life insurance is also part of planning for the financial circumstances of retirement. If something were to happen to you before you retire, you likely would want your spouse to still have the lifestyle and financial security in retirement you envisioned in your planning, and the right life insurance policy can ensure that.

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  1. Subra,
    The easiest option is the denial one and that’s the norm. Along with procastination,this can be a dreaded disease. With little social security, more paramount that one plan for the retirement at an early stage and get the benefit of compounding.

  2. A lot of my friends and acquaintances have gone for jeevan Saral policies going by the Lic sales Pitch that for a 45 year old you pay a premium of 1551 you get 61080 on your 61st year and upto 92220 at the age of 70.(insurance 3 lakhs rs.30000 * 10 policies) .No doubt jeevan saral is hte top selling policy of LIC despite the likely returns being less than even PPF or Bank FD

  3. Subra,
    Very true. With no social security, people in India need to wake up early in their life. For middle class, there is at least some chance of planning for retirement. What about the poor who can not meet day to day needs?
    One good thing is that the govt has stopped giving pensions to govt servants. Why differentiate between the Indian citizens? Some get jobs for life and pension too??
    Can we look for some future when poor get some pension from govt?

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