When a friend who has Rs. 3 crores of aum says I need to create an income stream for my parents what do you do?

worry about the loss of aum? suggest a MIP with 10% equities or tell the truth – the Senior Citizens Saving Yojana – now made convenient by being able to open in YOUR own bank account?

Then you again turn to Mahabharata…and ask what must have been Karna’s position when Kunti devi said “You are my son…fight along with your brothers” In fact C Rajagopalachari says in his book..’if you are ever in doubt about duty vs. friendship or kinship, read this chapter. It is an amazing dialogue between Mother and Son. I always thought Karna had it real tough – when you know that the guy you are fighting is your own brother. Could Kunti not have told her sons..’Karna is YOUR brother’. If she had said this…could they have fought just as well..? Well no clue..

I do not think any of us..could have faced anything like that..correct?

Also like the JRD Tata model. When he was in doubt whether he should do a project he asked himself “Is it good for India” .. If the answer was yes..he did it.

Got a mail from a friend …”You will never get a job in ………Bank…and put that as a compliment”

So occasionally you will get a mail like this..or another client will compliment you for something else..or a friend’s aunt’s neighbor will thank you for telling her about the Ombudsman…or …

so is is NOT ALL ABOUT MONEY, HONEY…it is about handling conflicts. And when there is a conflict think of Karna or J R D Tata – surely my problems are far smaller, not sure about all my readers …:)

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  1. Nice to read. Hmm, Yes comparing our issue / conflicts with Karna, it is very small. Good to cheer up and go ahead to resolve the conflicts.

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