1. Nice article- bringing out that debt is risky in the long run. What do you think are the other retirement killers? I deal with a lot of retired people. Do you have any tips for them as well?

  2. nice one. especially the one about delaying gratification.i wonder how to teach that to my kid. leading by example is an option,i suppose

  3. Subra,

    Extremely useful article and an eye-opener. I have a few comments on the couple of points raised here:
    1. You have spoken about asset allocation and asset location. While I do agree that instruments like nsc, ppf , rbi bonds give low returns compared to a good equity mutual fund or index fund, but a balanced portfolio should have place for these instruments too. what should be an ideal ratio of equity and debt for a sound retirement portfolio? Just as putting all eggs in debt will not increase the wealth and beat inflation, similarly putting all eggs in equity is also fraught with risks as we do not know when is the next global meltdown and a repeat of 2008 bloodbath is going to happen.
    2. Paying too much for help – best way is to increase your knowledge and awareness levels in personal finance so that even if you have to take help from financial advisors, you should be able to make sure you are getting services worth the amount of money you are paying him.


  4. Meena,

    A major caveat. All of us who write blogs are only LEADING you to knowledge. You need to know all this, BUT YOU STILL NEED SOMEBODY who will do a detailed need analysis based on which he/she can decide your asset allocation. I cannot decide on your asset allocation on the basis of an email :). PLEASE USE THIS BLOG AS A POINTER not as a financial planner. I know some magazines, websites and blogs pretend to be a financial planner – to me that is SCARY.

  5. I would like to invest abt 15K/month in a balanced fund in SIP manner(30:70 – Debt:Equity)since i am abt 27 yrs old. Can you please suggest any good funds?? I would appreciate the help as the MF universe is too huge to cover and analyze. Thanks

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