What are the secrets of a successful insurance agent:

(the insurance agent normally means the life insurance agent). These are the characteristics that the insurance company expects to see in a successful life insurance agent. His long term performance does not matter at all – there are Managing Directors who use techniques which are good for 2-3 years. By the time the shit hits the roof, they are sure that they will be out…so let us look at what the bosses believe:

1. Every person is a prospect: Make no mistake – everybody in the phone book is a prospect either as a client or as an agent to create a chain. This means he can be insured, his son can be insured, his father can be sold a pension, and of course since there are women it HAS to be a MWP plan.

2. If somebody does not buy from you, he is not your...(friend, relative, neighbor, son, father, cousin, ..) you can fill up any word : How can a person you know not buy from you – it means you are not capable of selling, that is all. It means you do not know how to do prospecting, stalking and trapping. Go learn your basic hunting skills first.

3. The product to sell should make a lot of money for the whole chain: The commission structure is such that you should sell the most expensive products. If you sell products with low commission you are not acting in self interest – and that is irrational. Look the topmost priority is your house. If you need say Rs. 5 Lakhs in the first year. So go and make sure each of them sell at least Rs. 25L of endowment plans…so that over a period of 25 years of selling..you would have built a good trail for yourself.

4. If the prospect is 20 years old and not earning, get hold of his father. If the prospect is 70 years old and too old to buy (read as not eligible to buy) catch hold of his address book. Remember this is good fun.

5. Life insurance selling is a noble job. So higher the premium, nobler the work.

6. Insurance selling is about selling techniques – hard work, making 33 calls a day, enjoying cold calling, opening, closing, etc. If the customer loses some money – well markets go up and down, correct?

more will follow…

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  1. This is so very similar to AMWAY selling techniques. Where focus is only on selling (Sell to everyone one , since the seller also got sold into — vicious cycle) and focus is on commission generation rather than meeting actual needs of client.
    This kind of Life insurance selling is actually worse than amway like direct marketing selling, because in life insurance selling, where commissions and premiums are running high and sum assured is not adequate, the family of the near and dear ones of the life lost will suffer. And the financial suffering will happen along with the emotional loss.

    And then the blame goes on Karma…..


  2. Sanjeev Bhatia CFP


    One of the relatively new magazines, Moneylife.in, has also been very bold and bias free as far as matters financial are concerned. It has been carrying stories with names, addresses and complete details of various companies selling insurance through MLM right under the nose of IRDA, which in any case is not a regulator but an Insurance Industry lobby, in the last 3-4 issues. In case you need the articles, I can get them scanned and mailed to you. The culprits are LIC, Bajaj and many others. In outlook money also, they have carried news of such chain MLM insurance selling. my email is info@ezywealthzone.com.

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