Some things which look like good practices to a few people look like anti-wealth (or wealth creation mistakes) to a few others.

Let us take an example for ‘feeling sorry for oneself’. Does this have anything to do with wealth.

Well it is a matter of having a Wealth Mindset or not having a Wealth Mindset. For a person to feel sorry that person has to have a lot of NEGATIVE energy and keeps thinking of what has gone wrong in his life.

“I married this girl because my parents asked me to”. “I did Engineering because my father asked me to” – these are all statements which is clear that a person is seeking to see all the negative emotions in their life.

In fact they are searching for all the negative thoughts – so it comes to them quickly. Sad but true.

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  1. i agree subra your aticles goes & hit on top of nail

    what the whole day we speak to ourselves that determines our whole wealth , happiness , relationship

    By the way -the way we scold ourselves on a continuous basis for the mistakes done intentional or unintentional

    if some one just do the same scolding to us -he/she will become our strongest enemy

    so enjoy life & enjoy mistakes ( mistake define we are trying which we are not good at )

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