Since the name of the game is transparency …all websites should be made to disclose how the costs add up. For example on mutual fund, banking and life insurance sites there should be a ‘disclosure’ of salaries. I should know that the MD got a salary of Rs. 2 crores + esop +….This will help clients decide whether the price is fair.

Magazines, websites, …etc.  should carry salaries of Editor, head of marketing, head of sales, sales commissions…so that we know whether the article is biased favoring any particular industry.

Financial planners should carry a board saying…”Last year I went on a trip to HongKong…but of course I am not biased just because I traveled cattle class to HK”. Clients have to decide

Regulators should disclose their portfolios – and their pensions – and say “Actually I do not care how to plan for my future, my pension is guaranteed….”

Full disclosure, my left foot.

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  1. Were you always cynical or are you getting there? a good thought though of open and full disclosure. Another thought is the government issuing stars to tax payers – it is unbelievable what people will do. So for those individuals who pay more than Rs. 10 crores it could be platinum, then gold….And this should entitle them to some privileges….then you will have people proudly putting it on their letter heads….L O L.

  2. Cynical or not, I agree with Subra. Especially the last para. Well, why the last only. The full list itself. The only trouble is the politicians, the regulators and investigators, the babus working in these right from the top etc. always get away with this disclosure bit, right or wrong…..mostly wrong.

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