There have been some emails and questions that people ask. Since many people ask me similar or same questions, I thought a post would be appropriate:

1. Why do you not do a review of the personal finance programs that appear on television?

Answer: Am incompetent to do so. I have no clue what is the agenda of the program, agenda of the interviewer, and the guest. Talking about the program would be wrong so I cannot do it.

2. You used to appear on television. Then you stopped coming on all channels, why?

Answer: I really have nothing interesting to say. I cannot excite you with ‘today what to buy’ or ‘tomorrow what to sell’. If there is nothing to say there are only about 10 ways of saying that. Those are surely exhausted. So most channels have stopped calling me, these are the reasons I guess.

3. Why do you not do product reviews?

Ans: Products are too complicated and most of us can live without those products. So Ulip with high loads, pension plans with compulsory life insurance, contra investing, multi cap fund, commodity fund, etc. are concepts which I gave the pass-by in my investing life, so gave it the pass by in my writing life.

4. Which is a good magazine to read for personal finance?

Ans: All magazines suffer from the same thing – say nothing every fifteen days. Since this is difficult they keep saying nothing in many ways. If the clients understand, great. If they do not understand they keep buying the magazine, great for the paper – it keeps selling.

5. I wish to trade will you give me tips?

Ans: Wrong person to ask this advice. Trading – did not do at all. Investing is out-sourced to a guy with far greater skills than mine. Not worth asking me for advise.

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  1. #4 – Amazing !, you said it. I had realized same thing after reading a popular finance magazine and blogs for 2-3 years. Now when i read the mag or blogs on investing (not yours) 90% time, I see that “oh I know this, nothing new”. There will be 10% new info on some new developments, but thats about it. But to support them and for this 10% info and hoping that i learn something new, i still buy the mag. But it is kind of amazing, how they keep giving same info in many different ways.
    For common man most investing can be made really easy, in 1 page (eg buy Index fund or Good MF/term insurance/Gold ETF and invest regularly and *sit tight* for years together. Review portfolio once a year to make adjustments)

  2. Financial products are complicated so that the charging structure can be nicely maintained. Most people will not be able to understand the strucutre. This helps.

    Regarding your not coming on TV – no views never watch any ‘business’ channel. Like my friend in the media business says -‘these are ticker channels’ most people only watch with the tv on mute…so nobody is missing your NOT COMING ON TV!!

  3. I think you used to come on Cnbc, Utvi, Zee business, ET Now, Cnbc Awaaz. The only channel that I had not seen you was Doordarshan. Does it pay well to appear on these channels or is it done gratis?

    You however write for Rediff, Myiris, Moneycontrol, Money Today, Outlook Money, Money Mantra, Financial express,….maybe others that I have missed.

    Is it worthwhile appearing on television or is it worth writing for these magazines?

    Is it a deliberate choice of migrating from TV to print media? Why have you stopped coming on TV completely?

  4. I have seen you on ET Now, and the personal finance show on ET is a sensible program. Why did you stop coming on TV?

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