It is very exciting to do a post on the budget.  All you have to do is a lot of cut, copy and paste. My mail box is full of documents about the budget – and there is only only key that I had to use. It is called ‘Del’.

Frankly for the common man (who is brought up on the Macaulay’s / Prussian education model) ‘what to do now’ is a question that he would happily ask google every day! Not reading about the budget, not watching television, not reading websites, blogs, etc. about the budget is a good beginning. Only set of people who were excited about the budget are a bunch of media people. To the common man it is a non event. Can you believe that whole of yesterday (Friday 26th) I spent in Delhi without talking about the budget? I smsed a few journos about the budget. 5-6 media people called me for my views (perhaps) about the budget. Other than that I had no connection to the budget at all.

However I have to give a few lectures on the budget – hopefully some kiddo in our office will put together some content…which I can mug.

Funnily the MOST important things a person needs to get financially better are:

1. Understand and do SMART GOAL SETTING.

2. Spend a lavish time on selecting a good financial planner – a fee only guy who does not tell you where to invest.

3. Create a financial plan yourself (no not by the planner) and see what steps are required to reach there.

4. Believe in YOURSELF, stop listening to experts and implement the plan.

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  1. There is a major problem with this blog / website. You do not like people being in bliss. You ask them to think. Why?

    So many of our people in trains, buses, offices, board rooms, parliment ….are busy doing what they are told to do (Macaulay, Prussian model?) – you are asking people to be a Nachiketa. So many websites are happy telling people which mutual fund to invest. You ask people to understand why Hdfc top 200 is a good fund. Why?

    Do not teach me to fish..I THINK THERE IS SOMEBODY who will give me a fish everyday. So what if I do not understand the price of ‘free’.

    So Subra stop disturbing me from my bliss. Don’t worry, be happy.

  2. Brains in Brine (or any other organ for that matter) is not a bad solution till the day you find a better use for it! If being foolish or following a herd has not hurt someone till date why should it be any different tomorrow? After all we are all going to the crematorium eventually!:-)
    Can anyone give me Bill Gates’ or Warren Buffet’s email ids, please!

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