After spending 10 years in the ‘profession‘ of training here are some expensive learning:

Television is an entertainment source – not an education source.

To be good in the media you need to say something interesting / controversial. Largely you can say anything and be sure that it will not come back to haunt you, because the program was not recorded by the viewer.

You can get paid to entertain far far better than to teach. Actors get paid more than teachers, correct? Do not argue with the market. Take to teaching ONLY if you are not Kareena kapoor.

Investing is a lousy group sport, but a great solo sport. Like golf you keep trying to get better than yourself each year!

Managing money is far more difficult than making it. Reasonable Index returns are easy to get, but trying to get that return above the index return (called alpha) can sometimes take you to the cleaners.

Managing money is not about doing difficult things, it is about doing simple things well, staying out of harm’s way and controlling your ego about stopping the feeling “how smart you are”.

Growing your money is about understanding risk and knowing how to react to it, not about your IQ.

more to follow….

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Your thoughts are absorbing and insightful and often bring a smile
    Thank you and keep up the good work. Regular follower – Kapil

  2. “Managing money is far more difficult than making it.” Absolutely True. I know few people who are earning well in their job/business but either their money is laying idle in saving bank accounts or disappeared thanks to hasty and over confident decisions like investment in market without knowledge.

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