One of the best sales men I know told me “You must watch Rocket Singh” – to me this is not a great advise – my movie watching is very, very little if at all. However I did watch Rocket Singh. I now feel all my ‘friends’ who are not in the sales profession – be they in operations, actuaries, CAs, Underwriting, Banking, Audit,…why I even know a few ‘Managing Directors’ who should watch this movie. Most people (non sales guys) whom I meet (being in employment but in a non sales function) have complete contempt for the salesman. This is with full knowledge that their salary comes from the cheques that this guy brings.
Let me summarize some of the things I have heard: One agent told me “This company hates me, they only like the cheques that I bring” – true and shameful.
Customers do not come to companies because they have become big, but companies have become big because customers have come to them – many of today’s new companies forget this basic Maxim. Salesmen live on commissions, chai and cigarettes. Non sales guys stay in airconditioned rooms with white boards, marker pens and ‘How to penetrate Indian Market’ strategies. Salesmen get commissions, but very little respect in most places. I train sales guys in life insurance companies, banks, mutual funds – and have done sales in my life. Selling a life insurance plan, selling a pension or an investment plan – are all sales jobs.
However if you went to any B-school – MBA finance – their priorities are Fund Manager, Research jobs, Strategy, Brand management,….and if they get nothing, Salesman! No comments on this, but simple humble request all non sales friends please see Rocket Singh. This movie may hit you in the solar plexus – be ready for it.
Anybody who has done sales – especially at the ground level can identify with Rocket Singh..a.k.a. Ranbir Kapoor. A starting sales man not cut out to become a CA, or an MBA, and academically not well endowed, he looks very credible. Even the language by his colleagues, the telephone operator, etc. has been thoughtfully done. Many of my friends are now in positions of being an MD or ED – the most humble of them seem to have started off in sales. The most arrogant are the ones who never had to bring a rupee in sales. These people do not appreciate the sales force.

Nice to see the old values (how funny we are happy to PAY to see the good man win, because in real life we are not sure what happens in the end!). So a good guy who works with a reasonable margin, has good HR practices, has good ideas can succeed in a big bad world.

I know my friends who are not in sales will not like my writing Р thanks to the equity markets and a fantastic portfolio manager I may not care about what they think Рbut they too should watch this movie!

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