1. Dear subra, Dr.khan, sukumaran, and all followers and visitors of this blog “WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY DIWALI”- ON THIS AUSPICIOUS DAY MAY GODDESS LAKSHMI AND SARASWATI BLESS US WITH WEALTH AND WISDOM.
    As per the tradition of my family-i seek forgiveness if knowingly or unknowingly i have hurted anyone.
    Enjoy the festival of light safely.
    mansoor panjwani

  2. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Thanks for the festive greeting Mr Mansoor..
    I think Subra has created the comments section in this Blog for us to discuss(sometimes conflicting)views intelligently.. So I think nobody took any offence..
    Wish you Happy Deepavali ( Its Deepavali for us Tamilians) to all and also to Mr Subra..

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