Thanks to the fact that I write and also run a blog, I get a lot of questions expecting ‘Yes’, ‘No’. Invest in ‘Hdfc Growth fund’, or ‘do not touch unit linked plans’ kind of answers. This to me is difficult. Even when people ask me “What do you think of Tata Steel?” (Ok when people ask me ‘What do you think of Deccan Gold?” I just stare them down!!) I ask them:

Are you looking for a job in Tata Steel?
Are you planning to take over Tata Steel?
Are you looking for a daughter-in- law currently employed in Tata Steel?

Or less irreverently:

Why are you investing in Tata Steel?
How long will you be invested in Tata Steel?
If the price falls 30% what will it do to your total portfolio? And your stomach?
Do you realize that over long periods of time Tata Steel can give sub-ppf returns?

The answer I get is: “ Oh My God! Do not ask me so many questions. I saw the price has come down to Rs. 350 – I had seen it upwards of Rs. 800 …so it must be a good buy, so I thought I could ask you…..!!

Honestly the best answer I can give is “I do not know” because for me to advise you I need to know a lot about you. Knowing about the market and how the steel industry will behave is not so important!

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