this post was done on Vijayadasmi is worth repeating..will also play it on Vijayadasmi day…for those who missed 🙂

No this story is not about is about a friend named Sandeep. Sandeep was a classmate in Fatima High School at Kirol, Vidyavihar, Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

When I was in class 6, Sandeep was in class 7. However he was very weak in Mathematics and failed in class 8. He came from a typical Maharashtrian family which must have been devastated.

Parallely one young man from Kerala (John Sir, as we called him) had come to Mumbai looking for a job. He got a job in Fatima High School – the same school where Sandeep and I studied. So armed with a job and huge accent he started looking for a house. Luck or whatever, he met Sandeep’s father.

Sandeep’s father did a Rich Dad action. He promised John a flat with ZERO rent if he could help Sandeep with mathematics. That was a great deal for a man who had no talent other than maths! Here began Sandeep’s love for maths. His maths improved – and his marks were never less than 95 after that. Class 10th, Class 12th ..passed like a breeze. He went to UDCT (University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai), went to the US and did his PG in maths. And like all good Indians he is Dr. Sandeep – of course my readers are smart enough to guess – doctorate in Maths from a top University. Not bad for a kid who lost a year because he was ‘weak in maths’ is it not?

He is currently Director of a very big airline support company – handles software, systems, logistics…

Guru Bramah Guru Daivam….that is the value of a Guru…

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