Salutations to all my Gurus on this day of Guru Poornima. Right from Lord Shiva to everybody from whom I have learnt something or the other…Who are really my Gurus?

The following post is the best answer.

Guru Purnima or Poornima is a very important day for all of us…because we are all students all our life. In fact the people I know who do not grow old are people who keep finding new things to do…so keep learning!

One amazing Guru story is attributed to Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Kanchi.

One journalist (do not remember his name, it is a White Man whose name is mentioned in “Daivathin Kural” (translated it means God’s Voice) asked Sankaracharya – you are a ‘Guru’ for a bunch of brahmins – that too largely from south India, how can you call yourself ‘Jagad – Guru’? (World – Guru)

To which Sankaracharya replied ‘Your interpretation of Jagadguru is different from my interpretation of Jagad Guru’ – he went on to explain and said “You interpret Jagadguru as I am the guru of the Jagad (World). That is not true. What I meant by Jagad Guru is ‘the Jagad is my Guru’ – I learn from every creature I meet.

This is an amazing statement. Only when you accept that learning can (and does) happen from everybody that you can grow in life….keep the humility in place and keep learning.

My respects to all my teachers, to all the banks, mutual funds, life insurance companies, brokerage houses and people attending all my seminars, FAAIDA members, Chartered Accountants, members of stock exchanges, IFAs, Company Secretaries, Cost and Management Accountants, students of various colleges, colleagues, seniors, juniors, readers of my blog, readers of, Yahoo Finance,,, Money Today, ET, IE, television channels, anchors, editors, etc. who have let me learn by letting me teach them, talking to them, or allowing me to address their audiences.

Thanks Guys..just tooo many people to be thanked individually.

On a Guru Poornima my salutations to all the people from whom I have learnt something.

If you look it as a learning opportunity, all client meetings are also excellent opportunities to learn, so thanks to all the people whom I have met with a sales man hat also…!

Please read this story also

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  1. Nice to read such a blog full of gratitude Subra. Actually you are the teacher for all of us, it is you who introduced most of us to another teacher Pattu..and you deserve to be thanked. If I feel so confident today about my financial life, you are one of the key people behind my confidence.

  2. Thanks Aparna. One thing to remember is that these ideas are at best generic. How well it works for you depends on how well you assimilate and how well you use it. Remember generic advice is normally useless when being applied to specific cases. I am talking about my blog only. You should also read all the caveats to know why I am saying this.

  3. Yes, I agree. You have never misled us, almost in every blog, you have warned, which itself is enough. I have taken your generic advice as applicable to me and used Pattu’s calculators to evaluate them for my specific case. It was quite easy with some personal interactions with you, Pattu and recently through asan ideas for wealth group in FB with Ashal Jauhari.

  4. Thank you sir. lucky that i am following this blog even before my first job, and now sometimes i am able to guide others also what i learned here… 🙂

  5. Sir
    Take a bow. Everything I have learned in the financial world I owe to you.

    Your blog is a crash course in common sense. Please keep enlighten us..

  6. Dear Subrajee.. Thanks for sharing the wisdom and wealth of information. Was humbled by your post for acknowledging your gurus. Yesterday your post encouraged me to write in person to people, whom I consider as mentors. Keep up the good work. Sandeep

  7. Dear Subra, Thanks for all your lessons. As you said, even you are giving generic ideas, if we assimilate and apply, we can benefit from it. I have learned what and what not to do in finance from this blog. Thank you.

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