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    Hi Subra,

    Excellent, excellent article! It is great to see you highlight so many of the very common (but easily avoidable) scenarios!

    Its is hard to believe that so many issues arise due to either:

    – Parents giving property to their children while they are still alive, or

    – Unequal or improper allocation of property in the will.

    Maybe, as usual, people think things would not happen to them!

    “It will not happen to me” or “My children would never do someting like that” is somehthing that we like to think, but might not turn out to be true! We can always hope that we are right in thinking this, but it would be very prudent to be prepared (just in case!!) through a well-thought-out will.

    Once again, congrats for writing this great article!

  2. Can anyone share how much it costs to get a will done? I’m looking for a basic scenario – leave all assets to my wife
    in case we both die
    if our son is major, leave all assets to him
    if our son is minor,
    appoint my wife’s brother as guardian
    leave all assets to my son
    these will be managed by a mutual friend
    If templates are available, I’d write up the will & get it ratified by a legal expert.
    Just want to know the approx pricing for a range of services needed. Thanks!

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