This is not a debate on whether you will live long or not live long. It is simple and easier to assume that you will live long – pretty long if you ask me. If your grand parents are pushing 85, your father is in his 2nd innings, but still holding a job at the age of 64 years and you are in your late 30s or early 40s, come to the world of longevity.

Most of the “killer” diseases have been eradicated or a cure found for. If you are in a household mentioned above, at your age of 72 years, you will still have to worry about inflation!

You will have to worry about – inflation, a long term care insurance (which will take care of your hospitalisation bills, day care, etc.), and a pension that takes care of all your needs – even if it needs a manager to take care of your money. I know one 72 year old who likes to keep all his money in savings accounts and bank fixed deposits. Asking him to invest in any other asset class is a nightmare and another 80 year old who happily keeps all his money in equity – his dividend income is far, far greater than his requirements.

Both may be extreme cases, but a 72 year old has a serious possibilities of living till the age of say 90 – in such a case – inflation is a serious worry.

May God bless his soul, but I hope he dies by the time he is 78, because I expect him to exhaust his savings – and he is not at all keen to take anything from his children.

In the course of my consulting I meet all kinds of people – excessively into equity, and excessively into real estate, debt etc. Please read about asset allocation and go only for a balanced portfolio – nor more than 60% in volatile assets like equities or real estate.

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