One little boy was lost in the forest (he was the son of a sage) – his name was Ratnakara. A hunter found him and brought him up and he grew upto be a fine young man. He fulfilled his family needs by hunting and killing people – with an intention to steal.

One day when he was waiting to kill a person – and he saw a man in taterred clothes with a Veena in hand. He was sage Narada.

Narada told him “Killing, Robbing and hunting are not good things to do – it is sinful so please desist”. Ratnakara told him “I am doing this for my family” so it is correct. Narada then asked Ratnakara to check whether his old parents, wife and children will also share his ‘sins’. On checking back he realised that none of them would!

In real life too your family likes the cheque that you bring. However, if you asked your family whether they can (or would) share your sins, diabetes, tension, blood pressure, etc. – they will not or they cannot!

Similarly for Vadlamani – he could not have even realised the repurcussions of doing all the dirty work for his boss. There are many CA s who would be doing all the dirty work for their bosses. There are many sales people who constantly lie to sell products – and it is now in their blood.

Remember organisations like the cheques that you bring – AND IS ASSUMING THAT YOU ARE BRINGING IT THE RIGHT WAY – and if in doubt YOU will be sacrificed. As the MD of a bank / life insurance company if I have to choose between an employee’s career plan and my business license, I know what I will do!

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  1. this is a fantastic post! we all hope that we are doing things for our family and they will share the burden with us.

    how can they share our tension, bp,sugar, …>
    ?? ha ha ha well said

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