A few financial dilemmas that have been plaguing me. Frankly am looking for an answer! Here they are:

1. How long will IT companies enjoy 30% margins and 30% p.a growth rate for the work that many of them do?

2. How long will there be disparity in salaries in India. High end salary islands like IT, Media, Financial services, etc. vs. currently poorly paid sectors like manufacturing, mining, agriculture, etc.

3. How long will HR pay such a high premium to “English speaking MBAs” – while it is much easier to recruit fresh graduates and spend 6 months (okay 3 months) to teach them English and some basics to sell mutual funds, soap, life insurance, and car loans?

4. How long will the shareholders of financial majors tolerate the non-earning of the mutual fund and life insurance arms?

5. Why do we have 42 mutual funds with 5000 schemes if only 3 of the fund houses are making profits?

6. Will gold keep rising when aluminium and copper are falling? How many kilos of aluminium can be got for a kilo of gold? Or how many kilos of copper can be got for a kilo of gold? Will the long term ratios (of comparative prices) go for a toss?

7. How long will people chase above average returns – in spite of so much evidence against it?

please answer them….waiting for good bankable ideas!

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