Getting rich is simple; it’s just not easy.

If it were easy, everyone would do it and do it well … and they don’t! I’m not going to give you a step-by-step process you need to employ to get rich effectively. No, this article is to get you to stop and think about all the getting rich advice found in articles, books, blogs, you aren’t following. I want you to stop and think about the things you should be doing—and implement them.

In my presentations I talk about how to apply “getting rich” to your everyday life. Sometimes someone comes up and says, “I’ve heard “xyz” talk about some of those things before.” But they’ve never successfully applied them.

Hearing it for a year versus doing it for a year are completely different things. Success is about the “doing,” not just the “knowing.” In fact, all the bowlers in the world know that you have to bowl a simple looking red cherry six inches outside the off stump. Only McGrath does it! Does Ajit Agarakar not know it?

Does it not sound simple? Yes, but it is not easy.

There are so many things in life that look simple but, in fact, are not easy. Cooking is one of those for me. It always looks so simple. My wife/ mom can go into the kitchen and within 30-40 minutes put together a gourmet meal. Then, I get into the kitchen and …Oh My God!

Small repairs around the house look so simple. The only way I can help is pick up the phone and call the right guy – carpenter, plumber, cobbler! If I pick up a hammer and, well, it’s just not pretty. I remember when I was 7 my Mom saw my drawings and said you better not do Engineering or Medicine! Good advice, Mom. Thanks.

There are so many things in our lives that look simple but are not easy. Getting rich is one of them. It is a skill. A skill that takes commitment and effort to learn as well as consistently apply.

So, I’m giving you an assignment (sorry, my inner professor is coming out): Think of one idea in a book, article, recording, blog—anything—that you’ve read or heard over the last year that you wanted to apply to your life but never did. Your assignment is to pinpoint that “something” and do it within the next seven days. If it is something you do on an ongoing basis, then find a way to incorporate it into your life and/or your business. All excuses are equal—just do it.

Success is the uncommon application of common knowledge. You have the knowledge. Now apply it with uncommon commitment.

It won’t be easy. But I assure you it is simple.

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