I am a part of the team at Iris that does a column called “Portfolio Doctor” for Money Today magazine. This column is very popular – and the requests for being featured far, far exceeds the number of columns that can be carried.

So here is what the editor of MONEY TODAY has to say about the column:

Here is what Rohit Saran, managing editor, Money Today has to say about personalised financial health advice from IRIS:

“Find a family concerned about its financial health. Ask for its income, expenses and investments. Check for the logic behind the investments. List out the financial goals this family has. Share these details with experts in wealth management and ask them to prepare a complete financial plan for the family. Review the plan with the family.“

“Write it down in a language that is interesting and instructive—complete with a family portrait. Do all of this for free and do it at least once every alternate week—month after month, year after year.“

“Hopelessly ambitious. That would be the justified reaction of anybody who is asked to undertake such an obligation. Yet, this is exactly the task we took upon ourselves when we started Money Today. In every issue since our launch (45 to be precise), we have diagnosed in detail the financial health of a family.“

“Diagnosis is accompanied by prescription of what the family needs to do to improve its finances and secure its future. This section (portfolio doctor) has been our most popular and rewarding one.“

“We have been inundated with requests from readers willing to be featured and share their most intimate financial details. For us, this is a source of pride and inspiration.
Pride, because we are making a difference, and are inspired to do our best to fulfill readers` expectations.“

“Each case that is examined goes through an elaborate process, akin to a medical examination. We make multiple calls to the head of the family asking for every single financial detail and future plans. A similar engagement takes place between the family and the financial expert (our partner Iris), and finally between Iris and us. Then comes the final test—to present the entire analysis in a way that is interesting and useful to readers.“

“To do the latter, we have been careful in choosing case studies from varied situations, geographies and income classes. It`s easy for us to say that we are making a difference, but where is the proof ? In our anniversary issue we had contacted a few past `patients` to check how they were doing after our `treatment`.“

“The response was overwhelming. Beginning this issue, we make this validation a regular feature. In every alternate issue of Money Today, we will bring you the experience of a family we profiled in the past. They will tell us how much of our prescription they followed with what results. So we now offer the prescription and proof of its curative effect on one sheet.“

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