1. My take to is on equities up against debt. But the ratio of 90:10 appears high.

    Especially as getting into the equity market is not everybody;s game.

    The more you indulge it, the more complicated it appears but the end result I would agree with.

    Returns should end up better than PPF would accumulate to.

  2. each person should choose his / her own portfolio mix. For a 20 year view, I still stick to this ratio. A review should be done every 4-5 years. I hope u remember all the gray hair that I have. It is by worrying about guys who think equity is risky and debt is safe. Like a friend’s father (he was a pilot in Air India). I was flying at a time when flying was considered dangerous and sex safe!

    So sir having spent enuf time in the equity markets, I think in the long term in a growing economy debt is risky and equity safe. In the short term, debt is safe and equity risky

  3. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a big blunder no matter how strong the basket may be..

    The same applies for Investments as well… Putting all your money in PPF and ignoring the Equities Market is a blunder.. Equitites may not be performing right now but over a period of time, their returns would certainly outpace the returns from Debt

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