To win the elections, we will go to any length. Since we do not have anybody auditing our books, we will cook, lie and cheat, so is the Congress slogan.

To help Chidambaram say he has controlled the “inflation” at 4% per annum he holds the price of petrol and diesel at $ 50 a barrel, so what if the world market says oil is $ 100 a barrel?

He will lean on the complying banks and “ask” them to hold interest rates – here of course he has a greater vested interest. Remember he is the biggest borrower in the country.

He will “ask” steel companies, cement companies….etc. to hold prices.

Of course on the other hand his “friends” will “give” rice at Rs. 2 a kg, free tv, etc. so that inflation can be held low.

He may occassionally  gift  Rs. 100,000  crores  – thru the banking channels of course by  waiving  some bank loans,  pay hike to  central government employees  (which will soon be followed by  State Gov employees)  etc.  AND HOPE  that he has controlled inflation!!!


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  1. That is rather a bleak scenario you paint.

    But somebody has got to tell the truth.

    Not just PC we also have Sardar MMS (Man Mohan Singh) overlooking all that is at play.

    God Bless The Country

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