One thing I have earned a lot in the last 20 years of training and 11 years of blogging is tons of Goodwill across the country.

I met one man who has been reading EVERY post of mine for the past 11 years..and has increased his sitting tight ability and has invested only in 2-3 funds..and has more in his equity funds than he would accumulate in his PF. He is just 44 years of age and has 16 more investing years!

I now know 5 boys and 2 girls who have read my book one end to the other..and can discuss the book threadbare. One of the girls told me that the book turned her head full 360 degrees on Investments!!

Met one man who did one transaction – bought Hdfc warrants for Rs. 80 lakhs and sold off for Rs. 2.4 crores. He picked up that “tip” from my blog. I hope he pays 5% of the profit to some charity of his choice. God bless him, but that is not the intention of this blog, but he seemed to be a sorted and calm kind of person who knew what risk he wast taking. Normally people make money ONLY after they learn ‘sizing’ – knowing what life changing quantity means in one transaction

Last week I was in Bangalore – one lady doctor walked in and paid cash. In one hours time she was leaving. I asked her “why did you pay”..she said “Oh that is gurudakshina for reading your blog and talking to you.

There are lakhs of people impacted in a small or big way – and at least hundreds of them do express their gratitude.

Not a matter of pride, but it feels fulfilled when somebody comes up and says “I wish my IFA had attended your program…or I will change my IFA to a guy who has attended your program”. Hilarious, but true.

It is a scary situation for IFA that many clients today know much more than their IFA/ RIA. Wake up guys, smell the coffee.

I am grateful to more than 4 million ‘reads’ of my blog posts. Many people may have come and left, many many have stayed on and are reading it regularly.

I am wondering whether to reduce the number of posts – from say 7 a week to about 5..which means there will be no posts on 2 days of the month – any 2 at random!

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  1. You can count me in this. That is ok to have 5 Posts per week.

    Those who regularly reading this blog know that most of the things are repeat of your old post in new words. It doesn’t matter for us.

    I use to start my day after reading your post. I came to your blog after reading your book in 2010, then it became a Habit to read your

    post in morning. I was also with 2 fund portfolio for long time, now moving to direct equities after 10 years of investing in mutual


  2. Hi Subra,
    Lovely to hear that so many benefitted (me too) from your posts and workshops. I hope someday to attend one of your workshops.

    I know most of your posts trend towards personal finance and retirement. I was wondering if you would be inclined to write a few posts on careers jobs, career selection, career changes etc. Job vs business. very interested to hear your thoughts.


  3. biswadeep chakravorty

    Hi Subra Sir,

    I have been following your blog since i joined my work after graduating at the age of 22. I cannot express in words how much you have been a positive impact on my life. I have learnt about personal finance, simplicity, frugal living, health etc from your blog. I hope you continue to write as this blog has been an eye opener in all sorts of way. Thank you for that.
    Also if you ever plan on giving a talk at Kolkata, i would make sure that i attend it.
    Thank you again 🙂

    Biswadeep Chakravorty

  4. I came to know about you from FreeFinCal.
    I can not boast of being very old blog reader.
    But yes I do try to grasp your experience.
    For last 2-3 months,after I subscribed ,I have read practically All,I am more happy to read about Retirement as I am 57 years completed,& Retirement Planning has been my key issue in Personal Finance from young age of 31.
    Sure,you must have earned Millions of Blessings,You will continue to receive for Rest of your life as well.
    The most important thing I like about your posts is CLARITY OF CONCEPTS,BREVITY OF POST, COMMON SENSE APPROACH.
    Remain immensely indebted, specially from small town ,Bharuch,Gujarat, because for us ,such gems of knowledge is difficult to gain otherwise .
    All the Best

  5. Sir,

    i have been following your blog for last 4 years now and i have read almost every post that you have put up. it has helped me a lot in my investing journey. here i would like to remember my professor Anil Agashe , who introduced me to your blog. Unfortunately he is no more, but i remember him a lot. Thanks for all your guidance. please keep posting.

  6. being an ardent fan of the blog for over 12 years, I just don’t mind even the repeated reminders of all the simple things in investing you teach the world. it has definitely calmed the nerves many a times and hence even if a one liner, suggest to keep it 7 days a week please.

    NB: Though not in crores, I have profited in lakhs 🙂 . Have your book in my shelf, have gifted the same to some, and recommended to many too 🙂

  7. One of the girls told me that the book turned her head full 360 degrees on Investments!!

    So she is back to square one!

  8. Reading your blog for almost 6-7 years. Fixed lots of things and done following:
    Accumulated emergency fund
    Health insurance
    Term insurance
    Investing regularly each month via SIP into equity
    Reduced expenses
    Driving same car from last 6 years
    Reduced weight

    Thanks for your blogs and keep writing sir.

  9. I’m reading your post for more than a year. I see drastic self discipline in myself changed the way towards money and asked my brother to attend your chennai session. Now I’m satisfied that ny brother follows your blog regularly after attending your session and reading your book. I would say THANK YOU wholeheartedly. Love from my father and mother.

  10. I have been a regular reader of your posts and have learnt a lot + got lot of perspective (more than just on investing). Thank you sir for sharing your insights.

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