It is customary for people to say “oh you have a promotion..where is the treat”. What we mean is

a) please treat me in a hotel or b) give me a sugar high

Long long ago sugar was difficult to get and maybe even 100 years ago all of us may not have had enough to eat. People had low incomes and ‘treats’ were considered a rarity.

Today you can order sweets at the drop of a hat, food is available in plenty.

So the treat need not be food. And it should surely not be sugar.

When we go for a wedding or any other occassion we see a “no gifts please” – so we decide to buy flowers. Makes no sense at all. The flowers get wasted.

So let us decide to change things. No more sugar sweets. If you want sweets go to jaggery. Stay away from sugar.

No gifts. The only gift you should give are books. Maybe a Ramayana or a Mahabharata or any other book of interest to the common man.

Sounds good? what say?

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  1. I agree with you! Books are great investments 🙂
    Especially, a book based on Personal Finance (For Example, One of your book: Invest Rs 40 Day Retire Rich)
    An alternative can be cash. The recipient can choose invest in financial assets.

  2. I prefer gift vouchers as Individuals are different. I am an avid book reader (4-5 books in a month kind) but would be disappointed if I get Ramayana as gift as I already read it, have my own copy and as a non-believer there is no sentimental value attached to it. If I get a crosswords voucher for books I will get what I want.

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