Long ago I had done an article “financial milestones by age 32” – this is a late sequel to the same. http://www.subramoney.com/2018/10/financial-milestones-by-age-32/

  1. You have learnt all the basics about investing and therefore have a 6 month expense set aside in an emergency fund. In a combination of liquid funds, savings account and ultrashort bond fund.
  2. You are now seriously settled in your career and are earning well to live well, and provide for your dependents and more importantly your own old age.
  3. You have 4 times your CTC in your “retirement box” – the box which will remain untouched till you actually retire.
  4. Your sip are all running well and your 11 year old kid knows about “his money” and what it can do in his life if he keeps it untouched till he is 55 years of age. After all Rs. 1000 crores is a nice dream to sell internally too! http://www.subramoney.com/2019/03/how-much-will-vxxaan-have-at-65-years/
  5. You always pay off your credit card dues 4 days before the due date.
  6. You have a credit score of 790 or thereabouts.
  7. You are paying all your EMI on time and your SIPs are on an annual increasing ‘top up’ mode.
  8. You have a competent Ifa/ Ria doing a portfolio review on an annual basis.
  9. You understand risk – so you have adequate medical and term insurance.
  10. Your kid’s education fund is gathering steam but you are aware that you need a part of the money in 4 years time…so you have started a SWP into a debt fund.
  11. You have a term insurance, index fund growth option, 2 credit cards, and maybe a max of 3 bank accounts.
  12. All the nominees and will are in place of course!!
  13. You and your spouse (and kid) are tracking expenses and know what is the inflation applicable to your family.
  14. Your spouse and kid know how to pay the electricity bill, society charges, telephone bill – all online of course.
  15. You have a budget, a goal sheet, your Income and expenditure…of course.

Hey that is a good start…and ha! read www.subramoney.com and share the articles with your spouse, kids, colleagues….!!



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  1. I was ‘afraid’ of this post coming after having read the previous one for 32 year olds! Awesome post and useful indeed.

  2. What a timely post. Come in as I’m about to turn 42 in a couple of months. Here’s my review

    1. Yes (Savings and FD breakable in 5 minutes)
    2. Yes – hopefully though a little subjective judgement
    3. Yes – 7 times CTC
    4. Hmmm…kid is only 4 years old
    5. Yes – 2 days before due date
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Hmmm…portfolio is very simple so have had only 1 review in the last 3 years
    9. Yes
    10. Hmmm…not immediately relevant but something to keep in mind
    11. Yes, yes, yes and yes
    12. Will is my weak point. Need to get it done. Will stop procrastinating immediately
    13. Hmmm…spouse is weak on this but I do have really good tracking
    14. Yes
    15. Yes, yes and YES

    So 10 Yes, 4 Hmmm and 1 No. Good but was hoping for better. Thanks for a great post.

  3. Hi
    Can u please help how to go about point no 13. For tracking family expenses and inflation

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