Let me enumerate the list of amazingly stupid / amusing statements that I have heard:

1. My expenses will fall once I retire.

2. I am pulling out of the market at 29k. I will enter again at 24k. I know when the next correction is coming.

3. I want to be fearful when the others are greedy. (half knowledge is a dangerous thing)

4. I am right. I have done my research. The market is wrong. In 5 months I will be proved right.

5. I love eating, so I want to set up a hotel.

6. Oh These Photographs are very good! Which camera do you use?

7. Investing is very easy.

8. Investing is difficult.

9. I trusted my adviser. He cheated me.

10. My Relationship Manager sold me a ULIP.

11. If only I had bought Infosys at Rs. 100 on listing!!

12. I have no background of the stock market – my family has only Fixed deposits…so it took me till age 45 to start investing.

13. I am too (young / old choose) to invest.

14. I have a fool proof system.

15. I know my risk tolerance.

16. My risk tolerance does not change based on the market conditions. Never.

17. I can keep the noise out of my thinking.

18. I have the discipline, integrity of thought, accounting skills, and the thought process to be a successful DIY investor.

….lets keep for another day…..

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  1. Point no. 20. I read Subramoney daily, hence I know a lot about personal finance. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I think the most stupid one that I have heard is “One vote does not make a difference”. As an investor, that is the one decision that makes the most difference.

    Please read this – http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/comment-piece-on-the-maonehru-conversation/article7202352.ece

    In this, Mao candidly admits that China’s economic development was “lower” than that of India and it would take “ten to twenty” years for industrial development to achieve tangible results.

  3. I know exactly how much risk I am comfortable with!

    I closely follow my investments so as to make more money

  4. 21) since I subscribe to FB groups like AIFW hence all my questions are solved , I am easily able to move from 2 star funds to 5 star DIRECTLY which i had bought when they were 5 star and got downgraded to 2 over a period of time. 🙂

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